Multidimensional Small Baseline Subset (MSBAS)

Multidimensional Small Baseline Subset (MSBAS) is used for time series analysis of InSAR and speckle range/azimuth offset data. Depending on the input data, it can compute 1D, 2D, constrained 3D, unconstrained 3D, and 4D velocity and/or displacement time series. The previous version of the software can be downloaded from here. The software’s manual can be downloaded from here and here. More recent features can be observed in the parameter files supplied with the test data. The recent version is designed to process very large datasets (e.g. multi-frame Sentinel-1 InSAR) by intelligently managing processing resources. It utilizes MPI and OpenMP parallelization technologies and can be run on clusters. It also works on fully and partially coherent pixels.


1D and 2D

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3D (SPF-constrained)

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